You’ve recently had a big clean. You’ve washed the floor, done the dishes, made your bed, you went to the laundry, cleaned away the dust. Your clothes are all neat and tidy and your home is sparkling and looks like new. But in a few days the mess is here again, so you clean again, but you’re extremely tired, and the dirtiness just keeps coming back. This cycle never seems to stop.

Does this sound a familiar situation? Yes well here are the simple steps to end your hell.

Look at your house when it’s dirty. What are the problem areas? Make a list of them.

For example, you my find these three:

1. Your child’s room. Yes, toys are everywhere!
2. Dirty dishes. You come home and you’re tired and washing the dishes is not your priority.
3. Clothes you wear everyday. Somehow they never seem to get into the wardrobe.

Let’s think how you can solve these problems.

For the next few weeks try to focus only on these areas every day and see how it goes.

The solutions can be as simple as the following:

1. Ask your child to clean their room after playing. Try to make this routine fun and interesting. During the first few days you can help them a little, just to get them into a routine.

2. Instead of making a big deal by collecting dirty dishes you can wash them after every meal. Or make a schedule in your family with the days of the week and the person who wash the dishes that day.

3. You can create a checklist with the days you’ve put or didn’t put your clothes into the wardrobe after work. Every night before sleeping make a tick or a cross. And if you don’t want to write a cross today, do the daily task just after you’ve seen the checklist. Put them in the wardrobe

And remember these are only a few examples of the ways to deal with the problem. Find the ones that’ll works for you.

After using this method, analyse if it helped you or maybe you have other problem areas.
If yes, do the same with them.

And after the reorganisation of your cleaning habits you’ll have more free time and the need for the big cleaning will become a thing of the past.

Try this method and tell your friends about it.

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