ANSWERS to 5 popular questions about DECLUTTERING

Why my house always looks so messy?

Often the real problem is that you only move your stuff from one place to another. This is not cleaning. But truly a lot of the time you don’t need most of these things. It’s difficult to have a clean and neat house when you have too many unused items.

The basic principle of decluttering is simple: Get rid of what you don’t need and organise the rest.

Should I throw things away?

To decide if you need this item or not you should take it into your hands (because tactile sensations are important) and answer these questions:

  1. Do I love this item enough to dust it regularly?
  2. If I had to move next week would I take it with me?
  3. Do I use it regularly?
  4. Could I use this place for something else?
  5. Does it increase the quality of my life?
  6. Have I used it this year?

Depending on how you answered the questions you can choose to keep or let it go.

Where to put all the stuff I’ve decided to get rid of?
There are plenty of ways! The easiest way is just to throw away your stuff, but this isn’t very ecological, so better to recycle it. You also can give things that aren’t broken to a charitable foundations or put into the H&M (or any other) recycle box. Lastly but not necessarily the best way, is to move everything to your mum’s house.

How to organise my wardrobe?
After getting rid of stuff, it’s time to organise it and the most popular question is how do I organise my wardrobe?
Just trust your intuition. For some people it’s more comfortable to organise clothes by colour, for others by fabric and for the others by its purpose. When you see and touch a thing you can easily decide would it feel better on hangers or in a pile.
And there’s no need to buy expensive organisers: you already have everything you need. Be creative: use old shoe boxes and create your own organisers.

What is forbidden when you’re decluttering?

Three things that are forbidden:

🚫 Showing your relatives what you’re going to throw away. They have another view of life and very often this is intended to save everything they can, especially the older generation.

🚫 Decluttering other people’s rooms without their permission. A person should decide themselves if they need to declutter. If this thing is not yours – don’t touch it.

🚫 Making storing too difficult to keep it neat. All of these clever ways are often so impractical! Simple is best..

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