How often should you wash  the things  in your closet? 

T-shirts: after every wear

Socks: after every wear

Underwear: after every wear 

Tights: hand wash after every wear 

Bathing suits: after every wear 

Workout clothes: after every wear if you get sweaty 

Whites and silks: after every wear

Dress shirts: 1-2 wears with an undershirt, 1 without

Blouses: after 1-2 wears

Bras: hand wash after 2-3 wears

Shorts: after 2-3 wears 

Dresses: 1-3 wears, or after every wear if the dress is formal

Pyjamas: after 3-4 wears 

Suits: 3-4 wears for wool, or 4-5 wears for synthetic 

Skirts: after 5-7 wears

Sweatshirts: after 6-7 wears

Pants: after a few wears

Jeans: when they begin to smell

Sweaters: 2-3 wears for cotton, silk, cashmere, or up to five wears for wool

Scarves, hats and gloves: 3-5 times a season

Shoes: when they get dirty or when they begin to smell

Coats: twice a season for parkas, vests and wool coats, and once a season for leathers and suedes.

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